The Master of Magic (Gandalf the White)

The Most Daring Driver (Max Rockatansky)

The Last House (House Targaryen)

The Most Neighborly (Mr Rogers)

Best Harry Potter Movie (Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets)

Best Batman (Christian Bale)

Best Original Smash Bros Character (Kirby)

The Chief Chair (The Iron Throne)

The Nickest Toon (Tommy Pickles)

The Superior Sidekick (R2-D2)

The Top Time Traveler (Okabe Rintarou)

The Samuelest Jackson (Nick Fury)

Most Powerful Princess (Sailor Moon)

Greatest American (Stephen Colbert)

Deadliest Doctor (Harrison Wells)


Fiercest Game of Thrones Character (Arya Stark)

Ultimate Android (XJ-9) 

Craziest Captain (Monkey D. Luffy)

Greatest Conspiracy Theory (Moon Landing)

Best Billionaire (Bill Gates) 

The Purplest One (The Joker) 

Best Sports Movie Villain (The Monstars) 

Dan Ward's Bracket of 8's (The Octet Rule)

Ultimate Giant Robot (Gurren Lagann)

Hottest Game of Thrones Character (Oberyn Martell)

Coolest Original Street Fighter II Character (Zangief)

Best Bioshock Infinite Vigor (Murder of Crows)

The Worst Star Wars Thing (Jar Jar Binks)

Best Pokemon Kanto Gym Leader (Giovanni)

The Cagest Movie (Con Air)

Defining Video Game of the Previous Generation (Team Fortress 2)

Coolest Pet (Scooby Doo)

Worst Video Game Movie (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li)

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