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Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Joker is The Purplest One

It's over everyone. In what turned out to be the closest final Match-up, the Joker came out on top to officially become The Purplest One.

The purpose of the bracket was complicated. We wanted to determine who was The Purplest One. That could mean almost anything. We wanted a character who could be described as "the purple one". For example while he doesn't wear that much purple, Donatello is still the purple Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. That was our main parameter. Beyond that we want to determine what makes someone more purple than someone else.

So where do you go next? Sure, they could wear more purple. They could even have purple skin. If that were the only thing we were looking for, the Grimace would have been the undeniable winner followed closely by The Purple Man. We wanted to get something deeper. Is their personality purple? Are they wacky? Are they associated with royalty? Are they associated with children? All of these things are what purple seems to represent. With those things in mind we started on our 32 competitor journey to get to the bottom of this.

Seeding was done based on popularity. We took the competitors name and the word "purple" and put it into google. The number of search results determined the seed. And we realized it isn't a perfect system. The Purple Man probably isn't more popular than everyone but Prince, but we used the system anyway. We needed to start somewhere. The Joker ended up in the #6 seed.

As he said on his appearance during the first week of the bracket, Joker had a very early opening match-up against Lumpy Space Princess. He ended up winning it with 77 percent. No suprise there. Besides her appearance on a single cartoon, she had very little recognition. The Joker has been in countless cartoons, three live action movies, and been the center of three popular video games. Lumpy Space Princess didn't stand a chance.

The second match up was more interesting. Ray Lewis and The Joker have more in common than you might think. They both have unnatural skin colors. Only joking. But seriously, they both only wear purple. They are both loud and obnoxious. They have even both been on trial for murder at least once. Thanks to the start of the football season and a bump from the Ravens subreddit, Ray Lewis came very close but in the end Joker won with 60 percent of the vote.

For some reason, at this point Tinky Winky was still in the bracket. We were as surprised as you are. He steamrolled through Justin Beiber and just barely edged out Donatello. When he faced The Joker, who had a lot of momentum thanks to a difficult second round, he didn't stand a chance. The Joker set the high score on Tinky Winky with 87 percent of the vote.

Many people thought Spyro didn't belong in the bracket at all. Besides him complete lack
of personality, he is a third rate Playstation character who sold out to a really weird game system that made him look like a heroin addict. He also beat Shockwave, The Purple Man, and Grimace. During our anniversary episode, Chris Diggins admitted to voting him through specifically because Nando hated him so much. Whatever the reason, The Joker train and the Spyro train collided magnificantly and the Joker just managed to edge out the win with 52 percent of the vote. He had made it to the championship round to face a competitor unlike any other.

Waluigi came into the championship round from the top of the bracket. He went right through everyone's childhood and beat The Count, The Cheshire Cat, Darkwing Duck, and Skeletor (who really isn't even that purple). Even though he wasn't a playable character, the release of a new Super Smash Brothers game helped to remind people how fun Nintendo games can be. While the lead was traded over and over again only one could come out on top.

The Joker was decided to be The Purplest One. He won with a shocking 51 percent of the vote. It is the closest margin of victory in any final round ever. It came down to The Joker representing almost every facet of purpleness. The Joker wears purple. The Joker is evil, as many purple ones are. The Joker is a figure who came from a children's comic book. Purple is a color that a majority of young children choose as their favorite color. The Joker is a psychopath and purple is a color that is hard to find and nature and therefore unnatural and deviating from the norm. The Joker is even "royalty" as frequently being labeled the "Clown Prince of Crime". Perhaps most importantly, The Joker is flamboyant. Purple is a color that is meant to stand out. We found that most of our purple ones wore purple or even were purple because they are looking to be noticed. No one is more interested in being noticed than The Joker.

We want to thank everyone who voted and supported all of the purple ones. You can check out the bracket for yourself here. For updates from us, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Let us know if you have any ideas for our likely next bracket, The Best Billionaire. Tweet us your ideas and look out for us at NYCC if you're coming. For a more detailed explanation of this week's events, including an interview with Richard Nixon, you can listen to our most recent podcast here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The 1st Annual Maddy Award Winners

As most of you already know, the Maddys were this weekend. The Maddies are the awards given out annually to excellence in Mad Bracket Status. Here are the winners.

Best New Guest: Ethan Crump
Most Brothers: Frank and Paul Dicola
Best Marvel Movie: The Avengers (Nick Porcaro accepted on The Avengers' behalf)
Drunkest Guest: Emily Hromada for Bracket Bowl Special
Newest Guest: Tim D'Emidio for Mad Bracket Anniversary
Best Voice: Jack Kelly
Handsomest Guest/Host: Matt Nando Kelly
Best Moment: Chris Diggins for Brackets Fly Together
Best Original Sing: DJ Chapman for Wahlburgers
Lifetime Achievement Award: Caroline Amaba

MBS 057 - Mad Bracket Anniversary

This is our 1-Year Anniversary Episode! We have a ton of guests back on. Ethan, Emily, Frank, Paul, Caroline, Nick, Tim, Diggins, and Jack all stop by to talk the first year of Mad Bracket Status. In a stunning turn of events, all of this year's Nando guests show up to present a surprise Awards Show! We call it the Maddys! Oh and we get to the results of the The Purplest One final four. This is certainly the greatest episode of Mad Bracket Status ever, until next year. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Purplest One - Week 4 Results

They said it couldn't be done. They said there was no way we could get this far into a bracket this dumb. Well we showed them, didn't we?

We are just one round away from once and for all crowning The Purplest One. We have two incredibly purple competitors left. Let's look at last week's results. The winners are in purple.

25 Skeletor (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe) vs 28 Waluigi (Mario Tennis)
15 Spyro (Spyro) vs Joker (Batman)

So here we are. We are down to a battle between Waluigi and the Joker. Both are incredibly purple. They are eccentric. They are evil. They wear mostly purple. It doesn't get more purple than that. The rest is up to you.

You can vote here. The bracket can be found here. Keep up with the results by following us on Facebook and twitter. Listen to our most recent award-giving podcast here and you can subscribe on iTunesStitcher, and Soundcloud.

Couple of Questions - Gotham

The Golden Age has begun. This is the start of a season that includes Gotham, Flash, Arrow, Constatine, and Agents of Shield. Truly, comic TV is in an incredible place. Gotham is the first show to make a case for more comic book shows. Now I don't want to go through and review every minute of the show. I just have a couple of questions.

- Why not just dismiss the comedian? It seems kinda risky to have him around for when you kill Penguin.

- Why were the special police officers ready to just take Penguin at his word? They have no reason to believe him and they established a motive for why he wanted to get rid of Fish. He didn't seem like a reliable source.

- Why don't people in Gotham automatically recognize Tom and Martha Wayne? They didn't get shot in the face. The Waynes are some of the most well known people in that city. It would be like if Donald Trump got shot in New York. People would recognize him.

- Why can't it be the opera?

- How did Catgirl know that woman had milk in her bag? I don't remember it being visible.

- Were there any Easter eggs that weren't incredibly obvious?

- Why did that woman think she could carry all of those groceries in a single paper bag? It seems like they would naturally give you two.

- Why did Bullock keep telling Gordon that he wasn't tough enough for Gotham? Gordon was a war hero. War seems like it automatically beats corrupt neighborhood on the toughness scale.

- Why did the show end on that sandwich eating shot? Compared to the scene before it (Gordon driving away from Wayne Manor) it really did a poor job of tonally closing the pilot.

- Where is this Alfred from? I know he is usually English but that accent almost sounded Australian to me.

- What did Sal say to Gordon at the end of the episode? I don't speak Italian.

- Are we just completely throwing out everyone's origin stories? I don't think it's a huge deal if we are. It just seems like a question worth answering now. Riddler, Penguin, Catgirl, and Ivy seem completely different. They even changed Ivy's name. I guess they can end up in the same place as their iconic characters after a season or seven.

- Who on Earth would hire someone like Nygma to work at the police station? He is clearly all kinds of crazy.

- Isn't it incredible that Paul Lassiter was able to rise up through the ranks and become the mayor himself?

- Why is she called Fish? I didn't see her eating any. The attempted murder took place in a meat locker. It just seems like a weird name to use if you aren't going to give her a gimmick to go with it.

- Are we going to spend the entire series solving the Wayne's murder. If that's the case, then is it a conspiracy? That would be about as bizarre as when Tim Burton decided that the Joker did it.

- Did Bruce make up his mind to turn into Batman in a week? That seems a little fast.

- How many episodes til we get our "Penguin eat Fish" moment? The writers don't seem like they have anything better than that for those two.

- What is with the coincidences? I don't mind Gordon running into Batman and three top tier Bat-villains in the first episode but why did his wife have to just happen to have been a lesbian with the special investigator that was tracking Gordon? Also why did Catgirl have to be there are the Wayne murder? It makes Gotham seem about as small as Star's Hollow.

If you have any other questions or any answers for me, tweet me at @nationofnando. I really want to hear what other people are thinking about the show which, to be fair, I did enjoy.

Monday, September 22, 2014

MBS 056 - Super Bracket Tennis

This podcast is on fire! DJ and Nando sit down with sketch comedian and Dave Coulier enthusiast Sean Kelty to talk
purple. We reveal the Final Four in our The Purplest One bracket and we even get a chance to sit down with one of our competitors. Get excited for our anniversary episode next week!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Purplest One - Week 3 Results

We have just finished our third week in the The Purplest One bracket. This round, the highest seeded competitor was dethroned in a stunning turn of events, by someone who in our opinion isn't really that purple. Also the blast from the duck filled past was defeated by someone who is gearing up to win it all. An evil robot was just barely beaten by a friendly dragon and the new favorite to win crushed the weird children's mascot thing. We are looking ahead to our final four. Here are the results of week 3. The winners are in purple.

Prince (Purple Rain) vs 25 Skeletor (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe)
29 Darkwing Duck (Darkwing Duck) vs 28 Waluigi (Mario Tennis)
15 Spyro (Spyro) vs 10 Shockwave (Transformers)
30 Tinky Winky (Teletubbies) vs Joker (Batman)

Week 4 match ups are as follows.

25 Skeletor (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe) vs 28 Waluigi (Mario Tennis)
15 Spyro (Spyro) vs Joker (Batman)

You can vote here. The bracket can be found here. Keep up with the results by following us on facebook and twitter. Listen to our most recent (and possibly funniest) podcast here and you can subscribe on iTunesStitcher, and Soundcloud.