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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Purplest One Bracket

There are so many colors. The cool serene ocean is blue. The hot sun is red. The fresh grass is green. And then there's purple. Purple is weird. Purple is so hard to find in nature that it has historically been one of the most valuable colors. When asked, 3 out of 4 young children prefer purple to every other color. In some cultures, purple is the color of mourning. This does not fit in with the usual color theory narrative because it is so bizarre and the confusion isn't limited exclusively to dying clothing.

Many iconic characters have existed over the years that relied heavily on use of the color purple. Some of them wear a outfit. Some have adopted the color purple as a specific part of their identity. Other were even born purple. In almost every case, the purple seems to inform a very specific part of their identities. But who is the most purple? Who is the purplest one?

We have gathered 32 of the purplest ones and we are looking to you to determine the purplest one. We have cartoons, movie characters, comic book characters, and even real people. Also Justin Beiber! Vote as many times as you want. Here are the week one match-ups.

Prince (Purple Rain) vs 32 Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove)
The Purple Man (Daredevil) vs 31 Ivan Ooze (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie)
Justin Bieber (Never Say Never) vs 30 Tinky Winky (Teletubbies)
4 Phantom Limb (Venture Bros.) vs 29 Darkwing Duck (Darkwing Duck)
5 Count Von Count (Sesame Street) vs 28 Waluigi (Mario Tennis)
6 Joker (Batman) vs 27 Lumpy Space Princess (Adventure Time)
7 Dino (The Flintstones) vs 26 Daphne Blake (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!)
8 Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) vs 25 Skeletor (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe)
9 Barney (Barney) vs 24 Dr. Facillier (The Frog Princess)
10 Shockwave (Transformers) vs 23 Captain Falcon (F-Zero)
11 Ray Lewis (The Baltimore Ravens) vs 22 Haunter (Pokemon)
12 Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland) vs 21 Thanos (Iron Man)
13 Willy Wonka (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) vs 20 Bizarro (Superboy)
14 Hawkeye (Avengers) vs 19 Donatello (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
15 Spyro (Spyro) vs 18 Grimace (McDonalds)
16 Professor Plum (Clue) vs 17 Baron Zemo (Masters of Evil)

You can vote here. Keep up with the results by following us on facebook and twitter. Listen to our most recent podcast here and you can subscribe on iTunesStitcher, and Soundcloud.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

MBS 052 - The Color Bracket

Things are about to get purple. We go over every possible competitor in our Purplest One (Title Pending) Bracket. Comedian Miles Bado joins us and also a Batman villain who has nothing to do with purple stops by.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Space Jam's Monstars are the Best Sports Movie Villain

The Tune Squad could barely hold their own against them. Now Ivan Drago has fallen which makes the Monstars Mad Bracket Status' official Best Sports Movie Villain.

They were heavily favored to win from day one. The bracket was seeded via Rotten Tomatoes scores, so their being positioned so low was pretty arbitrary. They blew past the Russian ice hockey team from Miracle and then demolished Buck Weston from the soccer comedy Kicking and Screaming. Then things got complicated. 

Former owner of he Globo Gym franchise and Dodgeball villain, White Goodman proved to be the first real competitor the Monstars would face. He had the all of the elements of a classic sports movie villain. He was tough. He had a really weird personality. He tried to get with the main character's girlfriend. And at a critical moment in the end of the big game, he played dirty. But that Monstars had something he didn't: they are giant basketball playing aliens. And that proved to be enough. The Monstars were only able to beat White by four percentage points, but it was enough to advance to the semi-finals.

Week 4 was showtime at the Apollo. Apollo Creed that is. Having defeated Team Germany, Apollo was the highest ranked competitor in the bracket. He was also, debatably, the best known competitor in the bracket. Three of the Nerdlucks came onto the show to plead their case and that proved to give them enough of a bump to put them on top with 68%. They had one fight left.

Ivan Drago had just pummeled, Shooter McGavin, the man who some had called "the most well rounded competitor in the bracket" and Ivan was the last thing standing in the Monstar's way. It was a brutal match considering the Monstars and Ivan Drago were the two most violent competitors in the bracket. The Monstars had only 55% when the smoke cleared. Some analysts say it was because Ivan was too one dimensional. Some say it was because the Monstars were the most fun competitors. Most agree that more people like Space Jam than any other movie in the bracket. Either way, they are now officially the Best Sports Movie Villain. Congratulations.

We want to thank everyone who voted and supported all of the villains. You can check out the bracket for yourself hereFor updates from us, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Let us know if you have any ideas for our next bracket, The Purplest Guy. Tweet us your ideas. For a more detailed explanation of this week's events, including an interview with Ivan Drago himself (not really), you can listen to our most recent podcast.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Best Sports Movie Villain - Week 4 Results

Well here we are. We are down to the top two Sports Movie Villains. Week 3 of the Best Sports Movie Villain bracket is over. Here are the old match-ups with the winners in gold.

16 Shooter Mcgavin (Happy Gilmore) vs 21 Ivan Drago (Rocky IV)
2 Apollo Creed (Rocky) v27 The Monstars (Space Jam)

That means that the week 5 Championship match-up will be

21 Ivan Drago (Rocky IV) vs 27 The Monstars (Space Jam)

Who will win? Ivan is a stone cold killer. The Monstars stole Charles Barkley's talent. You can vote here. Keep up with the results by following us on facebook and twitter. Listen to our most recent podcast here and you can subscribe on iTunesStitcher, and Soundcloud.

MBS 050 - Brackets of the Galaxy

Hooked on a bracket! Ba da na na! Nando and DJ bring Nick Porcaro on for his incredible third appearance! We go through our Final Four results for the Best Sports Movie Villain bracket and reveal the final two competitors! But mostly, we talk about Guardians of the Galaxy! Spoilers abound! Nick thought Captain America 2 was better than Avengers! I know, right? We also speak with a certain mad Titan who is looking for magic rocks or something. Who cares? Can you believe Porcaro didn't think Avengers was the best one? Also, isn't Poprika great? Listen to that too.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Best Sports Movie Villain - Week 3 Results

The Monstars took a beating but kept going while Shooter, Drago, and Apollo blew their competitors out of the water. The Final Four are here! Week 3 of the Best Sports Movie Villain bracket is over. Here are the old match-ups with the winners in gold.

16 Shooter Mcgavin (Happy Gilmore) vs 25 Arnold Royalton (Speed Racer)
Bob Sugar (Jerry Maguire) vs 21 Ivan Drago (Rocky IV)
2 Apollo Creed (Rocky) vs 23 Team Germany (Beerfest)
14 White Goodman (Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story) v27 The Monstars (Space Jam)

Week 4 match-ups are as follows.

16 Shooter Mcgavin (Happy Gilmore) vs 21 Ivan Drago (Rocky IV)
2 Apollo Creed (Rocky) v27 The Monstars (Space Jam)

You can vote here. Keep up with the results by following us on facebook and twitter. Listen to our most recent podcast here and you can subscribe on iTunesStitcher, and Soundcloud.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

MBS 049 - Welcome to the Bracket Jam

Everybody get up! It's time to jam now. We are down to the final four in our Best Sports Movie Villain bracket. CTO Caroline Amaba comes back on to help us eliminate four of the competitors. We also interview three of the Nerdlucks from Space Jam! Also we talk Comic Con and negative Guardians of the Galaxy reviews.