The Clash of Kings (and Queens) Final Four

The great game sure is terrifying. After an unusual round of voting, we can eliminate another handful of kings and queens to assemble the Final Four competitors in the Clash of Kings (and Queens) bracket. Here are the results.

The Night King vs Robb Stark
Daenerys Targaryen vs 15 Jon Snow
Mance Rayder vs 14 Euron Greyjoy
Robert Baratheon vs 13 Tommen Baratheon

So obviously the big two losses are Daenerys and the Night King, the two monarchs most likely to win it all. It's an interesting case of of too much/too little information. We have seen Danny fail time after time and she doesn't seem completely ready to rule yet. On the other hand, we know almost nothing about the Night King. He can fight, but can he rule? Right now we have four kings with a range of experience and some pretty impressive accomplishments.

Robert Baratheon vs Robb Stark
Mance Rayder vs 15 Jon Snow

So here is where you come in. Vote on the first round on our polling page. You can look at the entire bracket here. We encourage you to share this bracket with friends or enemies of yours who love law enforcement or action movies. The results of the voting will be announced on the next Mad Bracket Status show, which we stream live on our Facebook page.

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