Max Rockatansky is the Most Daring Driver

We don't need another hero and apparently neither do the voters, as Max Rockatansky decimated Batman to be crowned the Most Daring Driver.

We started the bracket with sixteen drivers from all stretches of popular culture. Our goal was to determine which driver was the boldest, bravest, and all around daringest. Over five weeks you decided overwhelmingly that driver is The Road Warrior. He defeated Mario Mario (technically his full name) in the first round and advanced to the quarterfinals where he deactivated superspy and super Aston Matrin destroyer James Bond.

His semi final match up was against Mach 5 pilot Speed Racer (and presumably Spritle and Chim Chim in the trunk). It was determined that while Speed is a child who races almost exclusively against mercenaries and psychopaths intent on killing him, the advantages granted to him by the Mach 5's Safety 7 take some of the daringness out of it and he was wrecked.

Finally, Max met billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne a.k.a. normal street thug Matches Malone a.k.a. the world's greatest detective Batman in the final round. While the Batmobile is arguably the most iconic vehicle of all time and Batman very rarely get's beaten when he is driving it, Max fans and Bat-fans alike acknowledged that the odds are traditionally stacked very highly in Batman's favor since his car is amazing and none of his villains are very good drivers. On the other hand, Max is not a very good driver and all of his villains are pretty excellent at it.

Thank you to everyone who voted on the bracket over the last couple of weeks. You can check the whole thing out here. If you liked the bracket, make sure to like us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our podcast on iTunesStitcherSoundcloud, and Google Play for updates on our future brackets. 

The next one coming up is our Master of Magic bracket. The goal to determine which pop culture magician posses the either inherent magical ability of the spell casting knowledge to be crowned supreme sorcerer. We give our thoughts on the Mad Max win as well as some of thoughts on this next bracket in the podcast embedded below.

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