You Can Download Pocket Mortys Right Now

The floating heads have spoken. You can download Pocket Morty's a full day early! Here is the link to iOS and Google Play. We are currently downloading but if the reviews are any indication, the game is a lot of fun. For those of you who aren't familiar, Pocket Morty's is a spin on the Pokemon fomula of collecting stray animals except in this game, the animals are grandsons from an alternate reality. Expect us to talk about it at length on next week's show. If you are thirsty for some Pocket Morty action while your game downloads, below is a graphic containing the first 52 Morty's. They range from show classics like Cronenberg Morty to brand new weird ones like Weiner Morty. Whether they will end up on the show is anyone's guess. And don't be worried that this will be the full list of Mortys. Apparently there are over 70 in the full game! Play it and let us know what you think.

You Can Download Pocket Mortys Right Now You Can Download Pocket Mortys Right Now Reviewed by Unknown on 11:10 AM Rating: 5

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