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October 21st, 2015. What a time to be alive! Or is it? Should we be happy living in just one time period or should we aspire to something more? Luckily pop culture is filled with tales of intrepid travelers boldly going to on treks through time itself and threatening the very fabric of reality so we don't have to. 

But with so many interesting characters, we at Mad Bracket Status want to know, who is the best time traveler? Is it the time repairing Doctor? Is it the time ruining Flash? Is it Bill and/or Ted? We are looking for your help in building our next bracket, the Top Time Traveler

The form for submitting time travelers is embedded below. Submit as many characters as you want, even if you think they have probably already been submitted. It helps us get a better idea of who the fans really want to see in the bracket. You have until October 31st 2015 make your picks. After that, listen to the Mad Bracket Status podcast or check back here to see if your time traveler will be back in the bracket. Until then make sure not to accidentally become your own grandfather. Or do. We're not the boss of you.

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