Jenny (XJ9) is the Ultimate Android

In a stunning turn of events, Jenny Wakeman a.k.a. XJ9 has beaten MegaMan to win Mad Bracket Status's Ultimate Android bracket.

We created the bracket with the goal of determining what makes an android ultimate? Is it their hi tech weaponry? Do we prefer the ones that serve humanity to the androids that try to destroy it? Is the most interesting thing about these artificial humans their desire to be "real" people? To accomplish this task, we assembled a list of some of the most popular androids from science fiction. We touched on characters from literature, video games, comics, movies, and television ultimately assembling a list of 32 awesome androids.

We seeded based on when the character was introduced. Originally it was film/literature that stood out as the favorites. The comic book robots specifically were seeded high since many of them have been around for 50+ years. Some competitors like Ultron, C-3PO, and the Terminator androids had highly anticipated films coming out this year. Many others were legacy contenders like Cell from the hit show Dragonball Z, who were huge in their time but hadn't done much lately. There were as usual some fan favorites from nerdy projects like Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Bender from Futurama. And then there was Jenny. 

Jenny, or XJ9 as she is referred to by her mother, entered the bracket in the Murderers conference. Even though she was built to be a surrogate daughter for a parent who lost a child, she was also purposefully built to kill giant monsters and aliens and whatever else was attacking the city. She had a difficult first match up against the nostalgic Johnny Five who many forget was also built as a government killing machine. Jenny beat Johnny with 75 percent of the vote and started her march to the championship round.

In the Sweet Sixteen round Jenny had to defeat the liquid metal T-1000 from the film Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Both robots were incredibly overpowered. Jenny had the ability to pull transform any construct she needs. T-1000 had the ability to turn his arms into flat beams that can open elevator doors that had previously been closed! He also did other stuff. Point is this innocuous match up contained two of the more versatile androids in the bracket. In the end, Jenny won with 55% of the vote.

Next up in the Elite Eight round was Zero. A creation of the villainous Dr. Wily, Zero was built to use his badass sword to defeat armies of robots. He was the only other MegaMan robot besides MegaMan himself to escape the franchise and make it into a fighting game. He was featured in Marvel vs Capcom 3. Jenny was easily able to beat him with 62 percent of the vote. While generally uninteresting compared to previous match ups, this match up would prove to foreshadow Jennys final round.

The last android that Jenny had to face before moving on to the final round was the Vision. Created in 1968 by Ultron, the general public is now becoming of Vision because of his role in next month's Avengers: Age of Ultron. Vision has the power to fly, shoot laser beams, phase through anything, and change his mass. He is originally created to destroy the Avengers but eventually changes allegiances and helps the Avengers to defeat Ultron. Jenny and Vision are both androids who yearn to understand humanity. They want to be a part of it so desperately that understanding humanity becomes the most difficult part of their existence. Ultimately, Jenny defeated Vision proving once again that even an android can cry.

Storming through the servant bracket was a little robot know as RockMan or MegaMan in the states. He defeated Roy Batty from BladeRunner, Edi from Mass Effect, Marvin from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and Data from Star Trek TNG to earn a spot in the championship round. Jenny had MegaMan out powered with her vast array of weapons and the "strength of a million and seventy men" but MegaMan's secret weapon was the ability to copy his opponents abilities and exploit their weaknesses. Unfortunately Jenny has no weaknesses and defeated MegaMan with 55% of the vote to win the bracket and the title of the Ultimate Android.

Thank you everyone for voting. This was truly one of our most exciting brackets. You can review the entire bracket here. Keep up with Mad Bracket Status by following us on Facebook and Twitter and look out for our next bracket, The Ultimate Android. Once again congratulations to Jenny for winning the Ultimate Android bracket. For more analysis, you can check out our latest podcast here and look out for our next bracket, The Fiercest Game of Thrones bracket.

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