Mad Bracket Status is a podcast/website established in 2013 by Nando and DJ. It is based on the idea that voting and arguing are fun and popular culture is interesting.

We create different brackets pairing contentious topics up against each other and YOU the listeners vote on those topics. We recap the results on our weekly podcast and eventually declare an ultimate winner who receives the distinction of being the winner and that's about it.

Some previous brackets have included The Worst Video Game Movie, The Defining Video Game of the Previous Generation, The Cagest Movie, and the Hottest Game of Thrones Character. More of them can be found on our Brackets page.


Matt "Nando" Kelly is a comedian from New Jersey. There used to be a line here about how he was in a sketch comedy group but then DJ made his bio based solely on what my bio said, so he's changing his bio so DJ looks silly.

He currently writes for a New Jersey Magazine called Pop-Break. He focuses on weekly reviews of the CW's Flash series and reviews movies, TV, and whatever else comes his way. Some more exciting articles are Five Films That Will Shape The Marvel Cinematic UniverseTop Five Over The Hill Action Stars, and his Nightly Show Experience article. You can check out all of his articles here.

He also used to write for The Robot's Voice. Noteworthy articles include Why Arrow is Superior to Smallville, What DC Needs To Do To Make A Good Justice League Movie, and Why We Should Be Worried About Days Of Future Past (which he admits he may have been wrong about).

He is a big fan of Marvel movies, TV shows, and comics. He is a die hard Saints fan and also a pretty big fan of the movie Die Hard.

Nando can be found at twitter.com/NationOfNando


DJ Chapman is not a comedian from New Jersey. He never wrote for any sort of sketch comedy group.

DJ also writes for Pop-Break. He has done video game and TV reviews and will write almost about anything that interests him. DJ plays ways too many video games and as of writing this bio really is into Destiny, so likely by the time your reading this he’s done playing Destiny.

In addition DJ is a mediocre Magic: The Gathering player, he has Top 32 a local TCG Player Open and won 4 Rounds at GP: Las Vegas. No card has been made with the name “Bracket” in it - get on it Wizards of the Coast!

DJ also enjoys tabletop board games, role playing games of any kind, and being right. He is a die-hard Dolphins, Devils, and Yankees fan, screw the Knicks.

Find more of my nonsense at twitter.com/zippybyday

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