The Maddest Bracket Status Sweet Sixteen

And with this week of voting complete, we march one step closer to learning the answer to that age old question: Who is the Maddest Bracket Status? Here are the results of the first round of voting.

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li vs Jon Snow
(Worst Video Game Movie) (Clash of Kings and Queens)

Scooby Doo vs Starship Troopers 
(Coolest Pet(Ultimate Movie of 1997)

Team Fortress 2 vs Commissioner James Gordon 
(Defining Video Game of the Previous Generation) (Top Cop)

Con Air vs Two-Face 
(Cagest Movie) (Second Best Batman Villain)

Jar Jar Binks vs Jet Bartlett 
(Worst Star Wars Thing) (Greatest Fictional President)

Oberyn Martell vs Liu Kang 
(Hottest Game of Thrones Character) (Martial Arts Master)

Gurren Lagann vs Gandalf The White 
(Ultimate Giant Robot) (Master of Magic)

The Monstars vs Max Rockatansky 
 (Best Sports Movie Villain) (Most Daring Driver)

The Joker vs House Targaryen 
(The Purplest One) (The Last House)

Bill Gates vs Mr Rogers 
(Best Billionaire) (Most Neighborly)

The Moon Landing  vs Kirby
(Greatest Conspiracy Theory) (Best Original Smash Bros Character)

Monkey D Luffy vs Tommy Pickles 
(Craziest Captain) (Nickest Toon)

XJ-9 vs R2-D2 
(Ultimate Android) (Superior Sidekick)

Arya Stark vs Okabe Rintarou 
(Fiercest Game of Thrones Character) (Top Time Traveler)

Harrison Wells vs Nick Fury 
(Deadliest Doctor) (Samuelest Jackson)

Stephen Colbert vs Sailor Moon 
(Greatest American(Most Powerful Princess)

That round was bound to be a surprise but I don't think anyone could have predicted the anime apocalypse. Every prominent anime winner lost their match up. That includes bracket heavy hitters Okabe Rintarou, Sailor Moon, Gurren Lagann, and Monkey D Luffy.

The other shocker this week was the dominance of the Game of Thrones competitors. Every single one won their match beating Lui Kang, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li, The Joker, and Okabe Rintarou.

Otherwise, the first round sent mixed signals. Batman characters won and lost. Video Games didn't do great but weren't completely eliminated. Heroes seemed to do better than villains. And characters did better than media.

Here are the match ups for the second round of the Maddest Bracket Status bracket.

Stephen Colbert vs Jon Snow
(Greatest American) vs (Clash of Kings and Queens)

Scooby Doo vs Harrison Wells
(Coolest Pet(Deadliest Doctor)

Arya Stark vs Commissioner James Gordon 
(Fiercest Game of Thrones Character) vs (Top Cop)

R2 D2 vs Two-Face 
(Superior Sidekick) (Second Best Batman Villain)

Tommy Pickles vs Jet Bartlett 
(Nickest Toon(Greatest Fictional President)

Oberyn Martell vs Kirby
(Hottest Game of Thrones Character(Best Original Smash Bros Character)

Mr Rogers vs Gandalf The White 
(Most Neighborly(Master of Magic)

The Monstars vs House Targaryen
 (Best Sports Movie Villain(The Last House)

So here is where you come in. Vote on the second round on our polling page. You can look at the entire bracket here. The results of the voting will be announced on the next Mad Bracket Status show.

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