The Ultimate Movie of 1997 Championship Round

They're hot! Hot! HOT! This week, we are ready to eliminate two more competitors to begin the Ultimate Movie of 1997 Championship Round!

Hercules vs 12 The Fifth Element
Men in Black vs 14 Starship Troopers

Truly shocking! Men in Black was looking great going into the final four. Starship Troopers was doing fine but was nowhere near the powerhouse Men in Black was expected to be. The Hercules/Fifth Element match up was more of a toss up. But in the end, it looks like more mature Sci Fi defeated the kid friendly franchises. Here are your final two competitors.

12 The Fifth Element vs 14 Starship Troopers

So here is where you come in. Vote on the final round on our polling page. You can look at the entire bracket here. We encourage you to share this bracket with friends or enemies of yours who love law enforcement or action movies. The results of the voting will be announced on the next Mad Bracket Status show, which we sometimes stream live on our Facebook page

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