Starship Troopers is the Ultimate Movie of 1997

The only good Fifth Element is a dead Fifth Element and after defeating The Fifth Element, Starship Troopers will go down in history as the Ultimate Movie of 1997!

2017 has so far been an embarrassment of great movies with films like Logan, Get Out, Wonder Woman, Dunkirk, Baby Driver, and War for the Planet of the Apes. And that got us thinking, what was the filmscape like 20 years ago?

1997 was nuts. Franchises were starting. Actors were hitting their stride. Robin Williams was at the top of his game. And we thought it would be fun to look at some of 1997's most interesting movies and try to determine which was the ultimate movie of 1997.

You'll notice we didn't say best or funniest or weirdest. We liked "Ultimate" because it left the door open for any kind of movie people felt strongly about. People like Face/Off for different reason than they like Good Will Hunting but both are great movies. So we packed the bracket with sixteen movies that we thought were worthy of being named the Ultimate Movie of 1997.

Starship Troopers started strong by crushing Liar Liar, 82 to 18. Everyone knew Liar Liar was a popular movie but it shocked us that it was the fourth highest grossing movie of 1997 above films like Air Force One, Tomorrow Never Dies, and Batman and Robin. By defeating Liar Liar, Starship Troopers asserted its dominance and showed the rest of the films that it wasn't messing around.

Next up was LA Confidential, a movie we have definitely seen. Who can forget the characters played by Kevin Spacey and Russel Crowe? Such defined characters. And the lady on the poster who looks like Nicole Kidman but wasn't Nicole Kidman and maybe Kim Basinger...someone from a Batman movie. What a masterpiece. Well, Starship Troopers stomped on that film with an 83-17 victory. Pretend this is a clever line that in some way references the plot of LA Confidential, a movie we have definitely seen.

Next up our heroic bug/alien killing soldiers were set to take on some heroic bug/alien killing cops. Men in Black was the second highest grossing movie of 1997. It featured Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones at the top of their games in a film that garnered universal praise for being an unusual mix of thoughtful and entertaining. And in the closest round yet, Starship Troopers just managed to edge out MIB with a 59-41 victory.

The final round pitted the Troopers against The Fifth Element. Both made roughly the same amount of money and have endured as cult sci fi classics. And maybe it was the underperformance of The Fifth Element's spiritual sequel, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Or maybe people didn't love Chris Tucker's insane performance as much as we did. Or maybe Starship Troopers is just a plain ol' better movie because it squashed The Fifth Element 65-35 to take home the title of Ultimate Movie of 1997.

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Also look out for the next bracket, the Best King in Westeros very soon.

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