The Top Cop Final Four

Ho Ho Ho. Now we have the Final Four competitors in our Top Cop bracket. Here are the results from last week's match ups.

74% Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) vs 26% Larvelle Jones (Police Academy)
55% Harry Calahan (Dirty Harry) vs 45% John Shaft (Shaft)
70% Jim Gordon (Batman: The Movie) vs 30% Rick Deckard (Blade Runner)
54% John McClane (Die Hard) vs 46% Robocop (Robocop)

So that is your Final Four. Robocop was clearly the big surprise here, even though John McClane was the favorite. Dirty Harry just barely held up to that always lookin' out for his brother man bad mother/SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Just talkin' bout Shaft. And the DC cops both took down their competitors setting up a potentially interesting final round. Here are this week's match-ups.

Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) vs Harry Calahan (Dirty Harry)

Jim Gordon (Batman: The Movie) vs John McClane (Die Hard)

So here's where you come in. Vote on this Final Four round on our polling page. You can look at the entire bracket here. We encourage you to share this bracket with friends or enemies of yours who love law enforcement or action movies. The results of the voting will be announced on the next Mad Bracket Status show, which we stream live on our Facebook page

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