Who is the Ultimate Overwatch Hero? - MBS Live at Castle Point Anime Convention

It's High Noon (the panel isn't scheduled at noon) and we at Mad Bracket Status are putting out the call to all of the Overwatch fans at the Castle Point Anime Convention. It's our 4th CPAC appearance and with your help, we are going to determine who is the Ultimate Overwatch Hero

The style of the panel will be similar to year's past. Nando and DJ will moderate and you will participate by voting. You can also argue for your characters and be part of the panel if you would like to. The panel starts at 2 PM on Saturday April 29th. It will be held in the Babbio Center (weird looking metal building) and it will be in Room 321.

Prizes will be available. 

Plz no Widow. Just kidding. But are we...? Who knows?

For questions, email madbracketstatus@gmail.com.
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