The Greatest Fictional President Championship Round

Hail to the TWO Chiefs! Based on your votes, we are ready to widdle the Final Four down to the Championship Two. Here are the results.

David Palmer (24) vs James Marshall (Air Force One)
Jed Bartlet (The West Wing) vs Francis Underwood (House of Cards)

Here we are. We have two very different Presidents. One is a rough and tumble action hero. The other is a calm and reserved statesman. Truly this is going to be a final round for the history books.

James Marshall (Air Force One) vs Jed Bartlet (The West Wing)

So here's what you have to do. Vote on the final round on our polling page. We encourage you to share the voting with friends who have an opinion on any fictional or nonfictional politics. The results of the voting will be announced on the next Mad Bracket Status show, which we stream live on our Facebook page. You can check out the whole bracket on our Challonge page.

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