Jed Bartlet is The Greatest Fictional President

When he walks in the room, everyone stands. That's right. By defeating James Marshall this week, Jed Bartlett of TV's The West Wing has won the bracket and is officially the Greatest Fictional President.

We started the bracket with sixteen of the best Presidents from every facet of popular culture. They came from movies, TV shows, comic books, and even one or two from video games (Michael Wilson baaaybee). Everyone was seeded alphabetically by first name, putting Jed in the middle of the pack.

Jed's first match was against President Thomas Whitemore from Independence Day. Whitemore is widely thought of as the best movie President, which Jed is the best TV President so this match was very telling of what to expect from the next round. In the end, President Bartlet pulled away with 65% of the vote, a show of force for rounds to come.

Jed's next watch up was Veep's Selina Meyer, the most incompetent TV president. He beat her with 80% of the vote. While her show is amazing, Selina Meyer is an objectively terrible President.

The next round pitted Josiah against House of Cards' Francis Underwood. Both are Presidents who get shit done, for very different reasons. This was the closest match up in the bracket with Bartlet getting just 51% of the vote but hey, a win's a win.

The final round of the Greatest Fictional President featured President Bartlet taking on President James Marshall, Harrison Ford's character from Air Force One. While Air Force One is beloved by action movie fans, it is a tough argument to make that President Marshall is a more effective leader than President Bartlet and the voters agreed. President Bartlet won with 80% and took home the title of Greatest Fictional President.

Thank you everyone that voted. This was a really entertaining bracket. It does seem like there is a very specific type of President, the level headed statesman, that people are looking for now and that may or may not have anything to do with a certain "tremendous hombre". How knows? Sad.

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