Liu Kang is the Martial Arts Master

He is a member of the White Rose. He has defeated Goro, Shang Tsung, and even Shao Kahn. He can even turn into a dragon. That's right, Liu Kang has won the bracket and is the official Martial Arts Master.

This bracket started with thirty-two martial artists. Among them were Batman, Uncle Jackie Chan, Sherlock Holmes, Walker Texas Ranger, Saitama, Po, and Dayman. They were sorted into four categories with Liu Kang ending up in the Video Game division.

Kang made quick work of Snake and Tifa before defeating Chun-Li for the Video Game Division title. He then went on to take down Movie Division representative Mr. Miyagi to get a shot at the winner of the Comic Book Division, Iron Fist. With a 71/29 split, Liu Kang was victorious over Danny Rand and Kang took him the title of Martial Arts Master.

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