Gandalf the White is the Master of Magic

Well it's official. Maleficent has been cast into a fiery pit and Gandalf is once and for all the Master of Magic.

Over the course of the last month, 64 magicians/spell-casters/witches/wizard/sorcerors were assembled for one of the largest brackets Mad Bracket Status has ever created. There were four Divisions of magicians consisting of Books/Comic Books, Video Games/Board Games/Tabletop Games, Movies, and TV.

Gandalf started slow but went on to take the bracket by storm. The Maiar of Valinor had a couple of crowning accomplishments that resounded with the voters. He exorcised Saruman from the mind of king Theoden. He brought the Riders of Rohan to Helms Deep to turn the tide of the battle. Most notably, he defeated the Balrog in the Mines of Moria, sacrificing himself to that the heroes could escape. And after the fall killed him, he was brought back to life because his task was not yet done.

Thank you to  everyone who voted. You can check the whole thing out here. If you liked the bracket, make sure to like us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our podcast on iTunesStitcherSoundcloud, and Google Play for updates on our future brackets. The podcast announcing the winner is embedded below. Our next bracket will be the Martial Arts Master bracket. Keep an eye out.

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