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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Enjoy a completely normal Batmobile scene where Batman doesnt do anything out of character

Now to be fair, movie Batman does tend to kill a lot of people. In Batman 89, he is responsible for the death of Joker. In Batman Forever, he pretty much kills his good friend Two Face. In Batman Begins he kills a bunch of ninjas and the current Ra's al Ghul. In The Dark Knight he kills his good friend Two Face again. Mr Sunday made a great video chronicling the many film Batdeaths.

That being said, many Batfans where disturbed by the Batman v Superman Batmobile chase scene which involved Batman annihilating thugs in his seemingly indestructible Batmobile. Watch for yourself to determine if Batman crosses the line.

In order, here is a list of all of the kills.
  1. Batman knocks a car full of thugs into a mobile office.
    1. They may survive this crash.
  2. Batman uses his trusty tow cable to toss that first car of thugs into another car of thugs. 
    1. Now they're dead.
  3. Batman uses the Batmobile's mounted machine guns to annihilate a van of thugs.
  4. Batman distracts another car of thugs causing them to crash into a tank truck full of oil. 
  5. Batman lands the Batmobile on a thug in a the back of a truck (pictured above) before wrecking a separate car of thugs.
Batman v Superman also has a ton of situation specific Bat-guns. Batman shoots a tracker onto the truck carring Kryptonie using a rifle. The Batmobile has mounted machine guns. The Batwing also has what seems to be a set of rotating miniguns. During the title fight, Batman shoots Superman with a grenade launcher. In the dream sequence, Batman uses a pistol. There is barely a scene with Batman where he doesn't use some kind of gun. (And I'm not counting the grappling hook, since it is a very traditional Bat-weapon.)

It's up to you whether or not this is warranted. The thugs do have the weapon Batman believes he needs to stop Superman. On the other hand, comic Batman traditionally has a rule against using guns. And specifically since Batman v Superman was at least partially based off the Dark Knight Returns comic, the gun decision is a little strange. In the comic, Batman has a meeting with the vigilante group Sons of the Batman during which he takes a shotgun, snaps it in half, and says "These are the weapons of the enemy. We do not need it. We will not use it." You can watch a paraphrased version of that scene (with a really clunky voice over) here.