House Targaryen has won the Last House bracket

They are the house of fire and blood. They are perennial protectors of the realm. Currently led by the mother of dragons they are aligned with several strong houses on their way to take back the seven kingdoms. They have ships, armies, and three full grown regions. They even have a bastard running around in the north that may or may not be Azor Ahai. All these factors and George R R Martin’s affinity for the dragon queen led the voters to determine that House Targaryen will be the Last House Standing. 

A month ago the Last House bracket was created with the intention of determining which house Game of Thrones fans thought would stand the test of time. Specifically, they were trying to imagine the long term of the Seven Kingdoms and which House would still be around. There are a lot of factors to take into account here. Some house's longevity is based on their current position relative to the crown. Some house's strength is based on their number of living heirs. Many are in more defensible locations. Some are openly involved in large conflicts while others are not.

House Targaryen seemed like an obvious choice from day one. The only thing keeping them from being seeded at the top of the bracket was the fact they don't currently hold the crown in Westeros. In the first round, they steamrolled through the small but proud House Mormont. Then they defeated the safe but very weak House Arryn. After that House Targaryen narrowly defeated the fragile House Stark. Finally the dragon defeated its new ally, the kraken, as House Targaryen eviscerated House Greyjoy.

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The next one coming up is our Most Daring Driver bracket. The goal to determine which pop culture driver posses the intestinal fortitude necessary to become the greatest driving hero. We give our thoughts on the Targaryen win as well as some of thoughts on this next bracket in the podcast embedded below.

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