The Last House Elite Eight

What is voted for may never die. This week, we have the results of our Last House bracket, a contest to determine which Game of Thrones house will stand the test of time. There were a few upsets but generally speaking, the strong houses are growing stronger.

House Baratheon vs 16 House Seaworth
House Tyrell vs 15 House Clegane
House Lannister vs 14 House Baelish
House Targaryen vs 13 House Mormont
House Arryn vs 12 House Tully
House Bolton vs 11 House Reed
House Greyjoy vs 10 House Frey
8 House Tarly vs 9 House Stark

It would be hard for any of these smaller houses to upset the great houses of Westeros. The two exceptions were House Reed beating the suicidal House Bolton and House Stark upset House Tarly. This week has a lot of the major houses going up against one another with one matchup standing out above the rest.

House Baratheon vs House Stark
House Tyrell vs House Greyjoy
House Lannister vs 11 House Reed
House Targaryen vs House Arryn

So here's what you can do. First, go ahead and vote on the Sweet Sixteen. Second, make sure to check out the entire bracket. Third, make sure to follow the show on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the bracket. Finally, listen to us on iTunesStitcherSoundcloud, and now Google Play for our detailed analysis of the bracket which is also embedded below.

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