Who is the Biggest Smash Snub?

Here comes a new challenger! And another one! And another one! Super Smash Bros for the WiiU was a huge success, especially for people that wanted to see new characters added to the franchise. We got Mega Man, Ryu,and even Bayonetta. That being said, there were some glaring omissions. Plenty of iconic characters didn't make it into Nintendo's flagship fighting game. But who should Nintendo add to the roster? 

We at Mad Bracket Status are here to help. This year we are hosting a panel to determine which Smash snub is the most significant. You, the audience members, will argue for the individual characters, and all of the audience will vote on which makes it to the next round. Do you think everyone's favorite Mario RPG character deserved more than just a Mii outfit? Do you want a certain space pirate to finally be playable? Do you want a fifteenth Fire Emblem fighter? All characters from all video game platforms are eligible, but you have to have a reason. 

You can submit your Biggest Smash Snub a variety of ways. You can send us an email with a sentence making the case for your character to madbracketstatus@gmail.com or write your submission down and put it in the Mad Bracket Status box at the info desk on CPAC day. You can also complete the form on this page. We will collect the best ones and have the submitters present their arguments to the audience with a chance to win a fabulous prize! We'll see you there!

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