Tommy Pickles is the Nickest Toon

A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do and this time what a baby had to do was win. Tommy Pickles has defeated Aang to claim the title of Nickest Toon.

We at Mad Bracket Status will occasionally dip into nostalgia. This may be the first time the bracket was nothing but pure Colombian black tar nostalgia. We looked back at our favorite Nickelodeon cartoons in an attempt to discover what made a great Nickelodeon character. Was it a wacky best friend? Was is an adventurous leader? Was it whatever Pelswick was? We had to know.

We took 32 characters that we believed represented both of the great periods in Nickelodeon Animation history. The first division was the Classic Nicktoons. Those were Nicktoons that were released between 1991 and 1998. 1991 was the year the first Nicktoons (Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy, and Doug) launched. And the Modern NeoClassic era was from 1999 to today, with 1999 being the year Spongebob debuted. Everyone was seeded based on their year of arrival with characters from the same year being assigned randomly.

Usually the eventual champion steamrolls through the competition in the early rounds but then again Nigel Archibald Thornberry is no average competitor. He gave Tommy a serious run for his money but eventually lost with 41% of the vote. He made it clear that this was not going to be easy for Mr. Pickles.

Next up were two Tommy trouncings. The first was that of Helga G Pataki. Arnold's love interest from PS 118 held her own in the early rounds but ended up losing with 14% of the vote. Next up was Ren from Ren and Stimpy and he got beat even harder. Tommy destroyed the chihuahua and took home 95% of the vote securing him a spot in the Final Four.

The next round was a complicated one. Like YuGi Moto having to beat Joey before advancing to duel Pegasus, Tommy had to defeat his sidekick and closest friend Chuckie Finster to take the title of Nickest Classic Toon. It was an incredibly close match with Tommy taking just 51% of the vote. It made a statement that the main character of a show was Nicker than the supporting characters, a sentiment that was echoed in the NeoClassic side of the bracket by a fan favorite that was decimating the competition.

You could say Aang had the toughest road to victory of anyone in the bracket. He first had to beat Spongebob Squarepants, the favorite from the NeoClassic bracket, which he did with 53% of the vote. Then he had to knock out average kid Timmy Turner which was no small feat, although did give Aang a breather before his next two contests. He beat Timmy with 60% of the vote. Next it was back to Bikini Bottom to take on Squidward Tentacles and then Patrick Star to advance to the Championship Round which he was miraculously able to do. Tommy was all that stood between Aang and ultimate Nickness.

Aang and Tommy, it turns out, do share a few similarities. They are both leaders. They both enjoy fun. They both have an adventurous spirit. They are both bald. It could be said that Aang was the answer to the question "What would Tommy be like if he had superpowers?" In the end, the vote was a complete tie and the winner had to be decided on air in a debate between Nando and DJ which proved once and for all that Tommy was indeed the Nickest Toon.

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