The Iron Throne is the Chief Chair

Is it any surprise that the main chair from a show that is essentially called Game of Chairs would win the Chief Chair bracket?

Our first March Madness Mini Bracket was an obvious choice. Everyone loves chairs. You're probably sitting in one now. And if you aren't, you're probably wishing you were kicking back in a big ol' chair. Something they are designed for comfort. Sometimes they are created for intimidation. The Iron Throne is the latter. 

The thousand blades taken from the hands of Aegon's fallen enemies, forged in the fiery breath of Balerian the dread, make up the notorious Iron Throne. On the HBO show, it is represented as a chair with some swords glued onto it. In the books, it towers over the hall as the ultimate symbol of power and death. It is apparently so uncomfortable that many of the rulers that sit on the Iron Throne are known to be bruised or hurt by it.

It beat out such chair powerhouses as the Men in Black eggchair, the Star Trek Captain's chair, and even the fellow thrones of both Gondor and Asgard. It even managed to beat Pee Wee's chair companion Chairy, a sentient chair. You can check out the entire bracket here and make sure to follow us on twitter for the rest of our mini brackets.

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