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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Remembering Prince: A Superhero Powered by Coolness and Purple

Purple is weird. Purple is confident. Purple is cool. When we set up the Purplest One bracket, we decided to make an exception to our usual rule of not including real people in a bracket mostly composed of fictional characters because we couldn't have a conversation about the color purple without talking about Prince. We weren't lifelong Prince fans but we understood that Prince is the human embodiment of everything purple. He had style. He was unique. He was unforgettable.

The winner of that bracket ended up being The Joker, a character who will be forever linked to Prince by the Batman soundtrack and specifically a song called Partyman. Now there are a ton of great Prince songs out there that people will be sharing today. He has an incredible solo on When My Guitar Gently Weeps. His Superbowl halftime show was awesome. But take a second to watch Partyman. Regardless of whether it is actually a quality song or not, it showcases what was awesome about Prince. He went all in. He was a true performer. He was never boring. No one else will ever be as purple.