March Madness Has Begun! Check out Nando and DJs brackets. - Mad Bracket Status

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

March Madness Has Begun! Check out Nando and DJs brackets.

You're goddamn right it has! The tournament that started it all is finally here and with it comes our predictions.

First let's look at DJ's bracket.

Pretty standard stuff here. His biggest upset is West Virginia making it to the elite eight. Otherwise there aren't too many extreme upsets. Gonzaga beating Seton Hall in the first round is bound to anger some of our local listeners. Also, like the experts this year, DJ has every 9 seed beating every 8 in the first round. Statistically it is more likely that the 9 will win for some strange reason. And in the end, the Jayhawks win it all over the Tar Heels. It is also worth noting that DJ's bracket is very similar to Obama's bracket this year.

Now let's take a look at Nando's bracket.

Leonidas would agree. This is truly madness. Nando's got a lot of faith in upsets including Oregon State, Miami, and once again Yale in the first round. The upsetting would have to continue at an unbelievable rate because Nando's national championship winner is the Purdue Boilermakers over the Jayhwaks. Nando also has faith in Xavier, probably because he saw that X Men trailer today. Also like a true hero, Nando has Seton Hall winning two games before their inevitable elimination.