The Final Batman v Superman Trailer Pretends the Last Trailer Didnt Show Us the Whole Movie

Talk about day vs night. This is the trailer that should have come out a month or two ago and the one with Doomsday should have never existed.

There are a couple of big improvements over the original.
  1. Batman RKOing criminals is the greatest thing ever.
  2. The goons who watch Batman decimate their friends with guns but get their knives ready is great throwback to classically pathetic Batman goons.
  3. Snarky Alfred brings some much needed humor.
  4. Bruce does a much better job of making the case for "v"ing Superman.
  5. The music is also a GIANT improvement.
  6. Wonder Woman's accent is pretty spot on and the Wonder Woman leaping/flying shot is great.
  7. The bit where Batman stops Superman's punch and Superman is like "Whaaaaa" really works.
  8. There is no Doomsday.
  9. There is no Turkish Airlines.
I still have some reservations about the movie (mostly Luthor based) but this makes the whole affair seem a lot more entertaining. A lot of times, making the trailer is outsourced to another company entirely, so maybe they just butchered it the last time around and this is Snyder's way of saying "Don't worry guys. I know what I'm doing." For Batman and Superman's sake, I sure hope so.

UPDATED: I had to make it the GIF. It is too beautiful for words.

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