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Friday, February 5, 2016

Support friend of the show Seed and his new comic Pineville

Us podcasters gotta stick together. Seed has always been a great friend of Mad Bracket Status and as his tenure on the Poprika podcast comes to a close, he is embarking on another huge project. He's creating his own comic called Pineville. It is all being funded through an Indigogo campaign that it going very well. You can follow this link to go to his Indigogo page that will be open for the next month or so and if you feel so inclined, throw a couple bucks his way. No pressure.

He is currently well above his funding goal of $800, but I don't see why we can't get him all the way to $3,000 by the time this is all over. And if you thought there weren't any sweet perks, what the hell is wrong with you?! Of course there are sweet perks! You've got the opportunity to have your name and/or likeness appear in the book which Seed plans to submit Pineville to plenty of the big comic publishers. You could be the next Peter Parker! Well, he probably won't name the main character after you. But you could be the next Flash Thompson or Betsy Brant. Still. Pretty good. 

Either way, give it a look and make sure to listen to the last few episodes of the Poprika podcast under Seed's tenure. The most recent on is below.