R2-D2 is the Superior Sidekick

Beep Boop Whistle Beep Beep! That's droid speak for "Suck on it Yoshi!" In a very close final round, R2-D2 has won the bracket and is officially the Superior Sidekick.

We at Mad Bracket Status spend a lot of time with main characters. Monkey D Luffy won the Craziest Captain bracket. Sailor Moon won Most Powerful Princess. Scooby Doo won Coolest Pet. This time we wanted to focus on the characters that support our heroes but don't necessarily get the credit, the sidekicks. We chose to match all of the sidekicks up against each other in a quest to determine the Superior Sidekick. 

Once we started looking at competitors, we made the decision to #buildthebracket with an unbelievable one hundred and twenty eight competitors. That's right. Traditionally we have thirty two competitors in each bracket. Well the Superior Sidekick bracket was four of those. Those four divisions were Comics, Anime/Video Games, Books/Movies, and TV.

R2-D2 came out swinging in the Books/Movies division. He made quick work of two lower ranked Disney characters, Pumbaa and Tinkerbell, before moving on to a supposed real challenge in Ron Weasley. Unfortunately for Ron, he preformed less like Deathly Hallows Ron and more like Prisoner of Azkaban Ron and lost to R2 by more than 40 percent. Then R2 went on to trounce Cricket before meeting a familiar face in the Book/Movie division finals.

Chewbacca and R2-D2 have a lot in common. Bother characters made appearances in all three Star Wars trilogies. Both speak a language that the characters understand but the audience does not. Both are also linked by the very unlikely theory that they are secret agents of the Republic. When examining who is a better sidekick, one clear difference arose. R2 is always there for the team getting things done. Chewie, while respected by the team, doesn't have too many moments where he singlehandedly saves the day. Voters agreed and R2-D2 went on to represent the Books/Movies division in the Final Four.

Artoo's next match up was a strange one. Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender was the winner of the TV division. While an extremely popular character in his own right, many fans of AtLAB were in disagreement over whether Sokka was truly a sidekick. While he did support the group, he didn't match up directly as a sidekick for Aang. R2-D2 proved not only a strong character but an extremely accomplished sidekick for multiple characters in the Star Wars universe and was able to beat Sokka in to earn a spot in the final round of the Superior Sidekick bracket.

The only thing standing between R2-D2 and victory was a certain green dinosaur by the name of Yoshi. Mario's trusty steed/childhood caretaker was able to move through the Video Games/Anime division with relative ease, taking down heavy hitters like Kazooie and Miles "Tails" Prower. Yoshi then went on the defeat Baymax, the Big Hero 6 bodyguard and winner of the Comics division. The match up against R2-D2 was incredibly close and was won by less than a percent but the fans voted and R2-D2 came out on top to win the whole thing.

R2-D2 clearly exemplifies the key qualities of sidekickery. He works with our heroes, both Luke and Anakin Skywalker, to complete their missions. Artoo has a different skill set from the heroes and is able to compliment their Jedi abilities well with his own droid abilities. They both save each other multiple times and were it not for Artoo, the heroes would have been killed on more than one occasion. Most importantly, R2-D2 very rarely gets credit for his efforts. Case and point: At the end of A New Hope all of the main characters but R2-D2 get a medal even though Atroo saves them from the trash compactor, puts out a bunch of fires on Luke's X-Wing, and delivers both Leia's original message and the plans used to destroy the Death Star. He's the true hero but his accomplishments get kicked to the side.

Thank you to everyone who voted on the bracket over the last two months. If you liked the bracket, make sure to like us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud for updates on our future brackets. Specifically, our next bracket should be a lot of fun. We are talking 32 characters from Nickelodeon cartoons and matching them up to determine which one is the Nickest Toon. We talk about the entire bracket, as well as give our thoughts on the R2-D2 win, on our most recent podcast which is embedded below.

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