Listen to Nando and DJ on the Poprika Podcast

We at Mad Bracket Status realize that we are not the only podcast that exists in the universe. There is of course Comedy Bank Bang. Apparently there is a show called Cereal. Also we have our spin off show, the Trumpdate. Through our podcasting journey, we met with a mysterious man who is known only as Seed and he hosts his own show called the Poprkia Podcast. It is a talk show consisting of comic book movie news, hip hop music, and (our favorite) pop culture related brackets. The guys were lucky enough to guest on the show this week via Skype. The topics of conversation included the another Indiana Jones movie, the timing of Daredevil's highly anticipated Season 2 release, and whether the Oscars are any good or not. Listen to this episode and give Seed some love on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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About Matt Kelly

Matthew Nando Kelly is an incredibly cool and handsome staff writer for Pop-Break who was allowed to write his own bio. Aside from weekly Flash reviews, he writes about film, television, music, and video games. He loves U2, cats, and the New Orleans Saints. His twitter handle is @NationofNando