Harley Get Some Love In The New Suicide Squad Trailer But As Expected Boomerang Steals The Show

The new Suicide Squad trailer blew up social media on Tuesday. The reactions were mostly positive. You can take a look for yourself below.

First off, the amount of color was a nice change of pace. Movies like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Rush to Justice are overwhelmingly brown and grey. DC used to use color more prominently in their movies but we all know how that turned out. I think everyone is glad that things are moving away from the visually depressing tone of the Synderverse.

And with color comes fun. Check out the Batman v Sepiaman trailer and tell me if there is one moment that you find genuinely funny. There are some that are goofy and cleearly going for funny (mostly Mark Lutherberg) but besides the Bat-smirk in the very beginning there isn't a lot of levity. Compare that to Suicide Squad. Night and day. And who do we have to thank for that? The Captain.

Nando has been saying since the beginning that Captain Boomerang should be the most fun part of this team. Will Smith is pouty. Harley is all over the place. Everyone else is silent. (Joker is obviously gonna be something but he isn't technically on the Suicide Squad. He's more of an independent actor.) That puts nearly all of the comic relief on the shoulders of good ol Digger and boy does he deliver. He drinks a soda. He screams like a lunatic. He does an eyebrow raise. What a legend. 

I submit that if this is movie is as good as the trailer makes it look, the Oscar statue be changed to the Boomerang movie figure. Whether they spray paint it gold or not is their choice. Come on Academy. You need some good will. This might do the trick.

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