The Top Time Traveler Championship Round

After another intense round of voting, we have made it to the final round of the Top Time Traveler bracket. Here are the results.

5. The Doctor (Doctor Who) vs 64 Max Caulfield (Life is Strange 

50 Okabe Rintaro (Steins;Gate) vs 30 Phillip J Fry (Futurama)

There you have it. The Doctor and Fry are eliminated and Okabe and Max are moving forward. We got a lot of really excellent feedback from voters (via emails to on what they specifically liked about these two competitors. 

Voters believed one of Max's main strengths in the Top Time Traveler bracket was her reliance on time travel as her main problem solving mechanism. While some competitors in the bracket only time travel a few times to move their story along (Doc and Marty, Terminator, Ness), Max uses time travel constantly. Sometimes she is doing important things like saving lives. Other times she is making people she doesn't like look stupid. Either way, Max may have the distinction of time traveling more than any other character in the bracket, save for maybe The Doctor and Rip Hunter. 

According to the voters, Okabe was all about personality. Being a mad scientist is one thing. This bracket has plenty of those. The premise of taking a character that thinks he is a mad scientist and giving him access to time travel is something else entirely. Like a modern Don Quixote who finds out that giants are indeed disguising themselves as windmills, Okabe is in an incredibly unique situation and Steins;Gate uses that situation to explore some very interesting sci fi premises.

That means the final match up in the Top Time Traveler bracket will be

64 Max Caulfield (Life is Strangevs 50 Okabe Rintaro (Steins;Gate)

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