Okabe Rintarou is the Top Time Traveler

After an intense final week of voting, it was the choice of the voters (and the choice of Steins;Gate) that Okabe Rintarou is officially the Top Time Traveler.

We started this bracket six weeks ago after the realization that there are so many different characters in pop culture that use time travel in one way or another and some are way more effective than others. Back to the Future fever was in full swing and the question came into out minds, "Are Doc and Marty actually any good at time travel and if not, then who is?" We put together a list of sixty four different time travelers from popular culture. The list included a fairly equal distribution of travelers from movies, television, comics, anime, video games, and even a book or two. They were seeded by when their thing premiered in the real world.

Okabe Rintarou, a relatively recent creation, was a fairly low seed; 50 out of 64. In his first round he was matched up against a favorite of many fans of time travel, excellent 80's dudes Bill and Ted. They would be the first in a line of time travelers Okabe faced who shared one of his key qualities, general goofiness. As the series went on, both characters would develop into more responsible travelers but as they started they were unprepared for the task of time travel. Okabe would go on to win the match up with a 51% margin, solidifying him as a force to be reckoned with in the bracket.

Okabe's next competitor was another pair of time traveling friends, Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatual. The pair apparently uses angel powers to travel back in time more than once. They would be the second time traveling duo Okabe would face on his path to victory. He defeated them with an impressive 61%.

In the Sweet Sixteen round, Okabe was matched up against DC Comics and future Legends of Tomorrow star Rip Hunter. Rip is one of the oldest time travelers on the bracket, especially considering that unlike Flash, Rip has been time traveling since the beginning of his comics run making him a true progenitor. Unfortunately for Rip, his comics weren't that fresh in anyone's find and until the day after his elimination, we hadn't really seen any footage from Legends of Tomorrow that showcased the time travel. Okabe went on to eliminate Rip with 62% of the vote.

This next one was heavy. To advance from the Elite Eight to the Final Four, Okabe would have to defeat what most people considered the favorite contenders to win the entire bracket, Back to the Future's Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Coming off of the incredibly popular Back to the Future day promotion, Doc and Marty were sitting pretty in the forefront everyone's consciousness. However, we still hadn't answered the question we created the bracket with, "Are Doc and Marty actually good at time travel." People made the argument that Doc and Marty may actually be bad time travelers considering they not only send a dog through time but also left the time machine in a place where old Biff could find it, causing the events of Back to the Future 2. In the end, Okabe won out with 55%, securing a place in the Final Four.

Okabe's next opponent Futurama's Phillip J Fry was probably the one most like Okabe, if for nothing else besides the fact that they both used microwaves to time travel. That is a pretty strange coincidence. Fry had an advantage in being the only traveler on the list to time travel in pretty much every way possible but it was not enough to stop Okabe who won with 57% of the vote.

The last opponent Okabe had to defeat to win the entire bracket was an unassuming photography student with the power to rewind time. Her name was Max Caulfield and she the protagonist of a very popular new game called Life is Strange. Max and Okabe were very different. Max had no ego. Okabe had the most ego. Max had internal time travel abilities. Okabe had a microwave. Max was an artist. Okabe was a scientist. They did share some similarities, the main one being the interest in stopping a catastrophic future event at great personal cost using time travel. In the end, Okabe proved more than Max could handle with 55% of the vote and he would be crowned the Top Time Traveler.

Thanks so much to everyone that voted over the course of the bracket and listened to the podcast. We really hoped you enjoyed it and learned something about a time traveler you didn't know when the bracket started. We sure did. We are also really appreciative of everyone who sent in emails to madbracketstatus@gmail.com, especially to inform us on some of the characters we knew very little about. You can check out the entire bracket here. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the future bracket and listen to us on iTunesStitcher, and Soundcloud for our detailed analysis of the final round including our admittedly dumb opinions. If you liked this, keep listening to the show and voting on future brackets. The next one coming up next week is the Superior Sidekick bracket, which we are still taking submissions for. Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you in the future.

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