If You Werent Sold On One Punch Man Then The Genos v Saitama Fight May Do The Trick

One Punch Man is the current Mad Bracket Status obsession. DJ and Caroline binged the entire series on Sunday and Nando, who generally hates Anime because it is "filled with weird schoolgirls" finished the series BEFORE even DJ and Caroline. If you aren't familiar, the pitch is simple: What would it be like if a seemingly average hero was more powerful that any other hero or villain and it made him super bored? The show centers around Saitama (Caped Baldy) trying to find some meaning in his life while Genos (Demon Cyborg) joins him on his adventures in his attempt to learn the secret to his great strength. The dynamic between Saitama and Genos is excellent and is perfectly summed up by their sparring match in episode five. Genos is going full tilt incinerate in at attempt to make even a scratch on Saitama and Saitama is figuring out what he wants for lunch.

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