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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Booster Gold Travels With His Own Clips Package

It is no secret. Nando loves Booster Gold. He may be his favorite to win the Top Time Traveler bracket and now we know why. Booster Gold is a skeevy fame obsessed football player who got caught cheating and decided steal some tech and to go back in time to become a famous hero there. Don't let the retcons fool you. Booster is a dick. His character is highlighted brilliantly in the Justice League Unlimited episode called 'The Greatest Story Never Told'. In it, Booster is forced to work crowd control while the A-Listers are taking on a giant wizard. At the start of the episode Booster attempts to introduce himself to the world using a clips package projected by his sidekick Skeets. That is why Booster is the man. While Batman or Green Lantern are honing skills or solving crimes, Booster Gold is using Final Cut pro to edit an introduction complete with what must be either staged shots or just plain old CGI. What a true hero.