Nick Fury is the Samuelest Jackson

The voters have assembled and Nick Fury has defeated Frozone to win the title of Samuelest Jackson.

This bracket was created by friend of the show and Mr Game creator Frank DiCola because he felt that Samuel L Jackson is an actor who has portrayed more iconic and unique characters than almost any one else. We wanted to see which character exemplified what we loved about Samuel L Jackson most, without being completely sure what that was. Was it Sam's hot temper? Was it his cool demeanor? Was it his fondness for briefcases?

We set up the bracket to answer that question. We took 32 classic Samuel L Jacksons and split them into two Divisions based on whether or not that character was known for carrying a gun. Then we seeded the bracket according to each films Rotten Tomatoes rating because that seemed like a good idea.

Nick Fury was a clear standout in the gun bracket. He was the number one seed, having first appeared in Iron Man, a film with a higher RottenTomatoes score than even Pulp Fiction. He blew through the first round, beating Nathan West from Basic with a whopping 99 percent of the votes. It was clear Fury would be tough to beat.

He then steamrolled through the second and third rounds. First Fury flattened Robbie Jackson from Patriot Games and then he destroyed Dan 'Hondo' Harrison from S.W.A.T. It was clear that it would take a true champion to even challenge Fury. That champion was a bad mother fucker.

Jules Winnfield started as the Number 2 seed in the Gun Division. He defeated Abel Turner from Lakeview Terrace in an unsurprising first round but then went on to crush Neville "Motherfuckin Snakes on this Motherfuckin Plane" Flynn in a round that solidified Jules' status as a real contender. He then went on to defeat John Shaft and earn a spot in the Final Four to go head to head against Nick Fury. In the end, Director Fury received the win and would represent the Gun Division in the Championship round.

No one was more worried than us that Mace Windu, based solely on name recognition, would emerge victorious from the Non-Gun Division. He eliminated Kingsmen's Richmond Valentine, Jurassic Park's Ray Arnold, and Jumper's Roland. Luckily a hero emerged in the form of Luscius Best aka Frozone from the Incredibles to metaphorically cut off Mace Windu's hand and throw him out of a window.

Nick and Frozone were surprisingly evenly matched in the final round. Both had supporting roles in major superhero movies. Both properties were also purchased by the almighty Disney corporation. most importantly, both characters also were influenced by the bizarre Samuel L Jackson circle of destiny. Frozone's "everybody chill" line is lifted directly from Sam's cameo in Coming to America and Nick Fury's grave in The Winter Soldier features the beginning of Jules' Ezekiel 25:17 quote. In the end, Nick Fury was able to defeat Frozone with 57 percent of the vote to take the title of Samuelest Jackson.

Nick Fury really does have it all. He exemplifies the four cardinal principals of Samuel L Jackson; Leadership, Brevity, Coolness, and Yelling. Nick is going to go down as one of, if not the greatest leader in cinematic history. His cameo appearances in the solo Marvel films are legendary and crucial in setting up the Marvel Cinematic Universe, extending even to the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series. He maintains a cool demeanor when the world is falling apart on more than on occasion but he won't hesitate to yell at the flatscreen TV guys and whip out an RPG if things get serious.

Thank you to everyone that contributed Jacksons and everyone the voted throughout the course of the bracket. Big thanks to Frank for the idea for the bracket and of course a huge thanks to Samuel L Jackson himself for being such a prolific actor and bringing so many huge characters to life over the course of his career. 

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