Check out the Breathtaking Fight between Mace Windu and Emperor Palpatine

Nobody can deny that Mace Windu is incredibly popular. He has made it through some touch competitors in the Samuelest Jackson bracket including Ray Arnold from Jurassic Park and Kingsman's Richmond Valentine. Since he has such a small part in the prequels, that love must come specifically from one scene.

Now everyone remembers that video that picked apart the fight scene from the end of Phantom Menace. "Haha they're barely trying to hit each other" we all said. I have to assume the only reason that guy didn't go back at take apart the Mace Windu vs Emperor Palpatine fight is because he knew he would jump out of a window before he finished it. Honestly, at some points it looks like they didn't even have lightsabres in mind and George Lucas just said "Jump around and wave your arms. We'll figure the rest out in post."

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