The Samuelest Jackson Bracket Sweet Sixteen

That's it! We've had it with these motherfuckin Sams on this motherfuckin bracket! Time to eliminate some fuckin competitors! (In case you haven't seen it, that's a Snakes on a Plane reference. We love Sam.) After a round of furious voting, we have widdled the list down to 16 Sam Jacksons. Let's check out the results.

Nick Fury (Iron Man) vs 16 Nathan West (Basic)
Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction) vs 15 Abel Turner (Lakeview Terrace)
Big Don (True Romance) vs 14 Gin Rummy (The Boondocks)
Ordell Robbie (Jackie Brown) vs 13 Sgt. Dan Hondo Harrison (S.W.A.T.)
PK Highsmith (The Other Guys) vs 12 Agent Augustus Gibbons (XXX)
President Allan Moore (Big Game) vs 11 John Shaft (Shaft)
Danny Roman (The Negotiator) vs 10 Neville Flynn (Snakes on a Plane)
 8 Robbie Jackson (Patriot Games) vs Hold Up Man (Coming to America)

Not Gun
Frozone (The Incredibles) vs 16 Narrator (Go The Fuck To Sleep)
Mister Senor Love Daddy (Do The Right Thing) vs 15 Roland (Jumper)
Ray Arnold (Jurassic Park) vs 14 Elmo McElroy (Formula 51)
Stephen (Django Unchained) vs 13 Zeus Carver (Die Hard with a Vengance)
Gator Purify (Jungle Fever) vs 12 Russel Franklin (Deep Blue Sea)
6 Richmond Valentine (Kingsmen: The Secret Service) vs 11 Mace Windu (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace)
Afro Samurai (Afro Samurai) vs 10 Ken Carter (Coach Carter)
Elijah Price (Unbreakable) vs Lazarus (Black Snake Moan)

Those are about what we expected when it comes to results. Big surprises included Mace Windu defeating the very popular Richmond Valentine and Augustus Gibbons eliminating PK Highsmith from the Other Guys. Besides that, a lot of highly favored competitors won in blow outs. Frozone, Jules, and Nick Fury all won with 90% or more. Here are the new match ups for this week.

Nick Fury (Iron Man) vs  8 Robbie Jackson (Patriot Games)
Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction) vs 10 Neville Flynn (Snakes on a Plane)
 11 John Shaft (Shaft) vs 14 Gin Rummy (The Boondocks)
13 Sgt. Dan Hondo Harrison (S.W.A.T.vs 12 Agent Augustus Gibbons (XXX)
 11 John Shaft (Shaft)

Not Gun
Frozone (The Incredibles) vs Elijah Price (Unbreakable)
Afro Samurai (Afro Samurai) vs 15 Roland (Jumper)
Ray Arnold (Jurassic Park) vs 11 Mace Windu (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace)
Stephen (Django Unchained) vs 12 Russel Franklin (Deep Blue Sea)

You can vote on the second round here. Check out the entire bracket here. Keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the bracket. Listen to our most recent podcast featuring our analysis of the bracket at the bottom of this page. You can subscribe to us on iTunesSoundcloud, and Stitcher. Now get out there and vote, Motherfuckers!

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