Sailor Moon is the Most Powerful Princess

Fighting evil by moonlight. Winning love by daylight. Never running from a real fight. She is not only the once called Sailor Moon but Usagi is officially the Most Powerful Princess.

We realized that there were so many powerful princesses in pop culture, this merited it's own thirty two competitor bracket. We drew from all facets of pop culture resulting in four divisions. First, there was the Disney Division which was filled with princesses that starred in Disney properties. Second, there was the Cartoon Division which was comprised of princesses from cartoon TV shows as well as a few from comic books. Third came the Japan Division made up of princesses from all kinds of different video games and anime originating in Japan. Finally, there was the Other Division which covered the other princesses we wanted to include that didn't really fit into any of the other divisions. Those are your Xenas and Galadriels and the like. 

Sailor Moon started as the number one seed in the Japan Division. She easily defeated Princess Kenny and then went on to crush Nintendo darlings Lucina and Zelda to enter the final four. Sailor Moon then went on to defeat the representative from the Other Division, Xena the Warrior Princess. On the opposite end of the bracket, Cartoon Division winner Starfire was extinguishing Disney Division representative Star Butterfly and earning her place in the championship match up against Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon and Starfire are very different princesses, with very different kinds of power. Trained from birth as a Tamaranean warrior, Koriand'r was experimented on by a race of alien scientists giving her the power to project energy into explosive starbolts. Upon arriving on Earch, Koriand'r joined the Titans and took the name Starfire. She has bested Donna Troy in a fight on more that one occasion and has even been able to stand toe to toe with Wonder Woman. Having just defeated Star Butterfly, who by her creator's own admission is very similar to Sailor Moon, Starfire looked poised to upset Sailor Moon and take the bracket.

Ultimately, Sailor Moon proved more powerful than Starfire both in character and in voting. She has a nearly unlimited supply of magical energy stemming from the Legendary Silver Crystal. Usagi can use that energy to form defensive force fields, heal fellow Sailors, or most notably create offensive beams. Those beams come in many forms and have helped her to destroy countless enemies in combat. It is also probably her destiny to become a character known as Sailor Cosmos who is essentially God. Whether or not that character is a future version or Sailor Moon or a version or Sailor Moon from an alternate timeline is up for debate but either way, Sailor Moon has enough power to become a universe protecting superbeing in the distant future. The final match up ended up getting over 200,000 votes between Sailor Moon and Starfire, which is also equally incredible, and in the end Sailor Moon took the crown tiara.

So a big thank you to everyone that voted on the bracket. We really appreciate all of the love from everyone. Check out the entire bracket here. Keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the future brackets. Listen to our most recent podcast featuring our analysis of the final round at the bottom of this page. You can even subscribe to us on iTunesSoundcloud, and Stitcher for more fun. Email us at with any questions or insights you may have about the Most Powerful Princess bracket or anything else you want to talk to us about and keep an eye out for our next bracket, The Samuelest Jackson. We are still taking submissions for that one. It should be a lot of fun.

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