Stephen Colbert is the Greatest American

The word is in and that word is COLBERT! That's right. Stephen Colbert has beaten Captain America to officially win the title of Greatest American.

We started this bracket on July 4th weekend with a focus on truly exceptional Americans. We didn't want to include real people, especially not political figures, mostly because we thought the end result would be boring. George Washington or Abraham Lincoln would win. Big whoop. Instead we made a long list of Americans from film, television, comic books, video games, anime, and even wrestling. While some of the Americans we picked were based on real people, all of them were explicitly characters created for their shows and fit the mold we were looking for.

Stephen Colbert was a highest seeded competitor in the Live Action Television Division. He handily defeated special agent Jack Bauer in the first round followed by Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation in the second. His Elite Eight match up against Sam the Eagle also went very well for Stephen winning him the division. His Final Four match up was against Homer J Simpson. While it was close, Colbert edged out Homer with 67% of the vote to advance to the Final Round.

The Championship match up was a special one. Normally the two competitors that make it this far have no history whatsoever. Once in a blue moon they kind of know each other. In this case, they were not only well aware that the other existed, but were great admirers of one another. Stephen was facing off against the marvelous Captain America for the title of Greatest American. 

After his apparent death in the Marvel comics event Civil War, Steve Rodgers willed his mighty shield to "the only man he believed had the red white and blue balls to carry the mantle", Stephen Colbert. During the sign off on the Colbert Report, Stephen gracefully accepted the shield and vowed to use it to fight injustice and impress girls. Years later, Marvel editor Joe Qeusada came on the Report to announce that Steve Rodgers was stepping down due to a nasty altercation with everyone's favorite fourth tier Captain America villain, The Iron Nail, and needed to pass along his mantle to another worthy successor. While Stephen wasn't eventually chosen, there was a vacancy for the role of Falcon which he happily accepted and the illustration made it onto a variant cover of one of the Captain America comics.

In the end, Stephen proved himself to be more american than the Sentinel of Liberty himself and won the match up and the bracket with 71% of the vote. His accomplishments were too great. Stephen had a portrait in the Smithsonian. He ran for president of the United States (of South Carolina) and created a real SuperPAC that raised millions for campaign finance reform. He sponsored the US Olympic Speed Skating team, which resulted in a Gold Medal for America. He wrote a best selling book called I Am America, And So Can You. Most heroically of all, he roasted then President George W Bush to his face at the White House Correspondent's Dinner, which you can and absolutely should watch below.

Congratulations to Stephen and all of our competitors. Thank you to everyone that voted on the bracket and listened to the show. You can look over the entire bracket here. You can follow us to get news on the rest of our brackets on Facebook and Twitter. Our next bracket, which we announced on this week's show is the Most Powerful Princess bracket. We are still looking for new submissions for the bracket. Let us know who you want included here. It will feature princesses from pop culture that we hand picked to compete in a bracket of pure physical, mental, and political power. It's a pity Stephen isn't a princess. I would love to see how he would fare. You can listen to our most recent podcast which features our conclusion of the bracket here.

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