The Top 10 Reasons Homer Simpson Should Be President of the United States

Like we highlighted previously, Homer Simpson is no stranger to the David Letterman Top 10 List. This particular list focuses on why noted American Homer Simpson would be an excellent President. With Trump in the lead in many polls, we could do a lot worse.

10. I'm smarter than the last guy.
9. With an Oval Office, I can't bump into anything.
8. FOX NEWS is already on my side.
7. I will take full advantage of the free food that comes with the job.
6. I have enormous experience apologizing for failed decisions.
5. I will appoint a Secretary of Donuts.
4. I will be the Secretary of Donuts.
3. My middle name isn't Hussein...anymore.
2. My Vice President will be Mayor McCheese
1. Kickass inauguration party: Bring a 6-Pack and you're in.
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