The Top 10 Reasons Homer Simpson is Proud to be an American

The Late Show with David Letterman started the Top 10 List. Different celebrities would come on the show to promote their whatever with a humorous list I assume Dave wrote. Homer Simpson came on many times during the show's run. Here is one of his more apt appearances. I apologize for the weird subtitles. This was the only video I could find.

Here they are in case you don't want to watch the entire video.

10. High obesity rates make me feel better about my body.
9. Warnings on cups tell you hot things are hot.
8. American has won every Superbowl.
7. Our flag doesn't have any weird stuff on it.
6. It's the home of French Fries, German Chocolate Cake, and Korean Barbecue.
5. No other country has cars, I assume.
4. We own Hawaii.
3. Not a nation of blowhard teabag like England.
2. Even a dumb guy can have his own show.
1. We're the first country to leave trash on the moon.
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