Jax and The Worst Cutscene in Video Game History

1997 may have been the best single year in video game history. We were blessed with Starfox 64, Goldeneye, the original Fallout and Grand Theft Auto, and who can forget Final Fantasy VII. It was also the year in which the fourth entrant in the Mortal Kombat series of games was released. MK4 was pretty universally praised and continued to cement the Mortal Kombat legacy as the most entertaining fighting game (next to Street Fighter). Little did we know that it also featured the most awkward ending in video game history.

Numerous questions are raised by this video.

1. Why doesn't Sonya notice Jarek catch onto the cliff?
2. How come Jarek doesn't hear or see Jax approaching?
3. How can Jarek speak while Jax is choking him?
4. Who is this Jarek character anyway?

Either way, look out for the new podcast later today.
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