Homer Simpsons Duff Beer is Happening

So in news that makes a lot more sense ten years ago, Fox is going to start brewing official Duff beer. “I think there’s potential to have Duff everywhere in the world” said Jeffrey Godsick, president of Fox’s consumer products division. Unfortunately, and I swear this is true, the beer will only launch in Chile. You know. Chile. The country where the Simpsons takes place? I didn't realize that we were doing a Greatest Chilean bracket. While there are currently no plans to bring Duff beer to the only country that has any real interest in it, there may be a silver lining. This would be the perfect time to bring to life Duffman, the greatest spokesperson ever besides Spuds Mckenzie. (Whimmy wham wham wazzle!) Duffman is a cool guy who gets all the ladies and often is a sad wreck behind the scenes. And of course Homer has been the Duffman because it is a job and Homer has done all of those. Still, what a hero! Screw Duff beer. Give us Duffman!

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