Arya Stark is the Fiercest Game of Thrones Character

In a stunning turn of events, Arya Stark has beaten Tywin Lannister to officially be named the Fiercest Game of Thrones Character.

It has been a year since the launch of our Hottest Game of Thrones character bracket. We wanted to revisit the show but look for a new quality in characters to use as a superlative. Between the plentiful political maneuvering, the surviving in the face of adversity, and the undeniable fashion sense, fierceness stood out as the clear choice. We scoured the Seven Kingdom to find a list of 32 characters from the hit HBO show Game of Thrones that we thought displayed true fierceness and seeded them based on their screen time up until the beginning of Season 5. You can check out the whole bracket here.

Arya, with a large amount of cumulative screen time, ranked fourth overall. Her first opponent was none other than the faceless man Jaqen H'ghar. Making his first appearance in season two, Jaqen has been one of a couple of mentors to the youngest Stark girl. Besides saving her on more than one occasion, Jaqen was also responsible for setting Arya on the track to become a master assassin; a track she is currently traveling. Unfortunately for Jaqen, our audience saw him as more surgical and less fierce and he lost the match to his protege by only a handful of votes.

Her next pair of match ups saw Arya facing off against some of the more physically imposing characters in the show. First, she took on the former king Robert Baratheon. Mostly known for leading Robert's Rebellion and reclaiming the Iron Throne from the Mad King, Robert also famously died leaving his psychotic bastard in charge of pretty much everything. While he was clearly fierce, Robert's weak will and early exit led him to lose in the second round. After defeating the stag, Arya went on to match up against The Mountain that Rides aka Gregor Clegane. Having just defeated his own brother in the Cleganebowl, Gregor was a force to be reckoned with however considering he was most recently remembered for effectively losing a duel with Oberyn Martell, Gregor didn't stand a chance and Arya advanced to the Final Four.

Arya's next match up was against the Imp, Tyrion Lannister. While recently Tyrion has been responsible for a couple of high profile murders, it is his rapier wit that most defines his fierceness. Being able to match almost any competitor in the game of thrones, recent seasons have seen Tyrion on the defensive. He has spent time in jail after being wrongly accused of poisoning the king and currently is on the run after his kidnapper and he were kidnapped by slavers. Having low stock is never good during brackets and it cost Tyrion dearly as he was eliminated, propelling Arya to the final round.

The last competitor left was The Lion himself Tywin Lannister. Before meeting Arya, Tywin was responsible for eliminating both the number two and number three seeds, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targeryan respectively. His fierceness is known far and wide and during his lifetime was regarded as the most powerful man in Westeros. He served as the hand of two kings and was the richest man alive. Unfortunately his wealth began to dwindle in recent years and most importantly he was murdered by his son at the finale of season four. He didn't stand a chance against young Arya and she took the title of Fiercest Game of Thrones Character.

There are many individual qualities that define Arya Stark's fierceness. She is a true survivor, having been witness to the murder of many members of her immediate family. Arya has grown wilder as she has been forced to abandon her former life to survive and has this season started on the path to becoming a faceless man (or woman) in the pursuit to ultimate vengeance. She has killed a stable boy, a soldier on the road, Polliver, and the Hound (by omission) and her Kill List currently features characters like Meryn Trant, Wander Frey, and Cersei.

Congratulations to Arya and all of our competitors. Thank you to everyone that voted on the bracket and listened to the show. You can follow us to get news on the rest of our brackets on Facebook and Twitter. Our next bracket will have something to do with Doctors. We haven't nailed down the superlative yet. You can listen to our most recent podcast where we discuss the results of the bracket at the bottom of this page.

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