Fiercest Game of Thrones Character - Week 2 Update

And so their watch has ended. This week we eliminated another eight competitors in our Fiercest Game of Thrones character bracket. All of the first four seeds remain intact. Screen time is definitely a factor in demonstrating fierceness. Many of the larger characters who were seeded higher also had good weeks. Some characters had very active episodes but it wasn't enough to save them from elimination. Here are the results.

Tyrion Lannister vs 17 Stannis Baratheon
Jon Snow vs 15 Brienne of Tarth
Daenerys Targaryen vs 19 Oberyn Martell
4 Arya Stark vs 20 Robert Baratheon
12 Sandor Clegane vs 28 Gregor Clegane
Jamie Lannister vs 22 Khal Drogo
10 Tywin Lannister vs 26 Daario Naharis
24 Roose Bolton vs 25 Tormound Giantsbane

Here are the Elite Eight Match-ups.

Tyrion Lannister vs 25 Tormound Giantsbane
Jon Snow vs 10 Tywin Lannister
Daenerys Targaryen vs 22 Khal Drogo
4 Arya Stark vs 28 Gregor Clegane

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