The Best Video Game Weapon - CPAC Panel 2015

It's dangerous to go alone, but what should you take? The Master Sword? The Portal Gun? The Poltergust 3000? We at Mad Bracket Status are here to help. This year we are hosting a panel to determine which weapon is the Best Video Game Weapon. 

You, the audience members, will argue for the individual weapons, and all of the audience will vote on which makes it to the next round. All weapons from video games are eligible, but you have to have a reason. You can submit your Best Video Game Weapon with a sentence making your case for your weapon of choice to or write your submission down and put it in the Mad Bracket Status box at our room (EAS 222) on CPAC day. We will collect the best ones and have the submitters present their arguments to the audience with a chance to win a fabulous prize! 

Last year's panel was so much fun and this one will be ever better. If you want to see what we did last year check out The Worst Pokemon Panel on Youtube. This year's panel will be from 2:30 to 3:30 in EAS 222. You can read more info and sign up to attend here. We'll see you there!
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