Monkey D Luffy is the Craziest Captain

Congratulations to the Straw Hat captain himself, Monkey D Luffy, on officially being crowned the Craziest Captain.

We began the bracket a month ago with the goal of not only learning more about the competitors but learning about the nature of being a captain. Why were so many of them crazy? Does it have something to do with the realities of being in charge? Does it all go back to one or two captains in literature that started the trend? We assembled 32 of the craziest captains we could think of to get to the bottom of this.

The craziest division to start with was clearly the Sea Captains division of the bracket. It contained almost every famous pirate/fisherman captain from popular culture. To give some perspective, our Superhero division left out heavyweights like Steve Rodgers aka Captain America, both Captain Marvels, and Captain Atom. That meant that division was considered weak because the craziness wasn't inherent to being a superhero named Captain. The Sea division had Ahab, Hook, Sparrow, McCallister, Haddock, Morgan, Metalbeard and tucked away in the 6th seed out of 8 was Monkey D Luffy.

Luffy started his domination of the Sea Captains by eliminating Horatio McCallister. For those unfamiliar, that is the real name of the Sea Captain from the Simpsons. He was an early favorite who was the first of many to have their run stopped dead in it's tracks by Luffy. Luffy won with a staggering 90 percent.

Next on Luffys list was the incredibly popular Captain Jack Sparrow from Disneys Pirates of the Carribean franchise and Michael Bolton song. This was the only pirate Luffy would match up against in the bracket. In the end, while Sparrow was seemingly a crazy guy, the voters chalked his craziness up to strategic ignorance and Luffy advanced.

To finish out the Sea bracket Luffy had to destroy the progenitor of all crazy captains, Captain Ahab. We spoke with Tavit from King Post games about how Ahab was truly insane, often sacrificing the life of his crew and himself to get revenge on a sea creature. Unfortunately, he could not content with the crazy that was Luffy and lost 75 to 25.

Luffy then had to take on the winner of our Other division. This was the division with Captains we wanted to include but didn't really fit in anywhere else. The winner of that bracket was the pilot/bounty hunter/(lets be real) Smash monster known as Captain Falcon. Luffy crushed Falcon 91 to 9!

Luffy's last challenge was the man with no name, Zapp Brannigan. Winner of the Space captain bracket and coming off of the victory of Captain Underpants, if there was anyone who could stop Luffy it would be Zapp. Unfortunately for Zapp, he didn't have enough men to reach Luffy's preprogrammed kill limit and was crushed 15% to 85%.

Thank you everyone for voting. This was truly one of our most fun and interesteing brackets. You can review the entire bracket here. Keep up with Mad Bracket Status by following us on Facebook and Twitter and look out for our next bracket, The Ultimate Android. Once again congratulations to Captain Luffy for winning the Craziest Captain bracket. For more analysis, you can check out our latest podcast here.

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