Craziest Captain Bracket - Week 2 Results

Wow! This has been a crazy week. We have a record number of votes for the first round of the bracket. There are no runaways yet but a lot of serious contenders are emerging. Lets look at the results.

Brannigan (Futurama) vs Janeway (Star Trek: Voyager)
Ginyu (Dragonball Z) vs Picard (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
EO (Captain EO) vs 6 Harkness (Dr. Who)
Kirk (Star Trek) vs 5 Reynolds (Firefly)

Underpants (Captain Underpants) vs Planet (Captain Planet)
Hero (Drawn Together) vs Hammer (Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog)
Hindsight (South Park) vs Nazi (DC Comics)
America/Grand Director (Marvel Comics) vs Boomerang (DC Comics)

Ahab (Moby Dick) vs Morgan (Alcohol)
Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) vs Haddock (Tintin)
McCallister (Simpsons) vs 6 Luffy (One Piece)
Hook (Peter Pan) vs Metal Beard (The Lego Movie)

Caveman (Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels) vs 8 N (Captain N: The Gamemaster)
Kangaroo (Captain Kangaroo) vs Smoot (How I Met Your Mother)
Corelli (Captain Corelli's Mandollin) vs 6 Levi (Attack on Titan
Black (Jackie Chan Adventures) vs 5 Falcon (F-Zero)

We are just one week into the bracket and we have already lost one Number 1 seed. In a huge upset, the highest ranked competitor from the Other Division, Captain Caveman, was bested by the relatively unknown Captain N: The Gamemaster. The Other Division was full of upsets. Ace pilot Captain Falcon beat Section 13 leader Captain Black and Attack on TItan's Captain Levi beat the Cage-rific Captain Corelli. In the Space Division, Michael Jackson's Captain EO was eliminated by the lower ranked Captain Jack Harkness. In the Sea Division, Captain Monkey D Luffy from One Piece decimated Captain Horatio McCallister from The Simspons.

Otherwise, the bracket ran according to our seeding system. Keep in mind, we ranked each competitor based on their perceived craziness. Competitors like The Grand Director or Captain Hero who are clinically insane were seeded higher than characters who were mostly sane but sometimes acted crazy like Kirk or Falcon. If you have an issue with our seeding process, you are welcome to tweet us 
@madbracketstat and we will be all like "Whatevs". Considering how well the Superhero Division went, it seems like we did a pretty decent job at judging which competitors are the most crazy. We have a very unusual and nearly useless skill.

The next step is yours. Here are the new match ups.

Brannigan (Futurama) vs Kirk (Star Trek)
Ginyu (Dragonball Z) vs 6 Harkness (Dr. Who)

Underpants (Captain Underpants) vs America/Grand Director (Marvel Comics)
Hero (Drawn Together) vs Hindsight (South Park)

Ahab (Moby Dick) vs Hook (Peter Pan)
Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) vs 6 Luffy (One Piece)

5 Falcon (F-Zerovs 8 N (Captain N: The Gamemaster)
Kangaroo (Captain Kangaroo) vs Levi (Attack on Titan)

You can vote on the second round here. You can review the entire bracket here. Keep up with the results by following us on Facebook and Twitter. Listen to our most recent podcast at the bottom of this page and you can subscribe on iTunesStitcher, and Soundcloud. Now get out there and vote.

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