Bill Gates is the Best Billionaire

While you were giving thanks, he was giving banks...his money. Bill Gates is officially the winner of our Best Billionaire bracket.

Billionaires play a huge role in our lives. They create the technology that lets us communicate. The control the marketplaces where we buy literally everything. Some of them even run our largest cities. So we at Mad Bracket Status decided to dedicate an entire bracket to determining the best billionaire. We made a list of sixteen of the most interesting billionaires from around the world (mostly America) and sixteen fictional billionaires from the world of popular culture.

Bill came out on top thanks to a number of factors, chief among them was the fact that he is super rich. Currently he is ranked as the wealthiest person on earth with an estimated $81 billion dollars. For as long as many people can remember he has held the title of richest man on earth only sometimes trading it with fellow billionaire Carlos Slim. 

There were plenty of reasons besides net worth that gave Bill the edge over his competition. His philanthropic persuits have given him a lot of attention in the last couple of years. His relatively successful efforts to wide out malaria and polio specifically got a lot of voters on his side. Bill's pledge to give away most of his wealth by the end of his lifetime is also a very popular move with the voters. In the end, Bill triumphed over JK Rowling, Elon Musk, Michael Bloomberg, and Richard Branson on the real side and he beat the champion of the fictional side of the bracket C. Montgomery Burns.

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