Best Billionaire Bracket - Week 4 Results

Well the Final Four round of the Best Billionaire Bracket finished in some interesting and not so interesting ways. The winners are in green.

Bill Gates (Microsoft) vs 11 Richard Branson (Virgin)
Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!) vs 11 C Montgomery Burns (The Simpsons)

On the not so interesting side, number one seed Bill Gates went on to defeat Virgin CEO Richard Branson. To Branson's credit, It was by a narrower margin than initially expected but Gates has been steamrolling through competitors and he may have enough momentum now to take him all the way. Besides his incredible business acumen and his personal war on Malaria, Gate is the richest living person and that seems to count for a lot on the real wing of the bracket.

On the interesting side, C. Montgomery Burns managed to defeat Seto Kaiba. Fans of Kaiba's had done a great job bringing him this far but something about Burns' proved too much for the duelist to handle and Burns now has a shot at the championship. Burns has done all the billionaire things imaginable from blocking out the sun, to wearing clothes made of exotic animals, to even possessing (and losing) a trillion dollar bill. Will his eccentricities be enough to carry him to victory?

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